‘Dreams’ Beta Users Recreate ‘Dead Space’ in Game

Those who have been keeping tabs on Media Molecule’s upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive sandbox game Dreams finally have the beta after a couple of years of delay. And now that they have it, users have been able to create some pretty cool stuff. Like recreating Dead Space.

Now keep in mind, the users who have done this have essentially broken the NDA, which is generally not wise. But, seeing as it’s already out there, to ignore the stuff that people have done (like recreating Visceral Games’ classic sci-fi horror game) seems kind of ridiculous.

Anyways, for those unaware, Dreams (made by the same folks behind LittleBigPlanet) has the player controlling an “imp” via the PS4 controller or with PlayStation Move, which like a mouse cursor, can be used to interact in the game’s world, creating new items and characters. The whole thing is meant to be as intuitive and accessible as possible. It’s quite ambitious, and from what has been leaked, players are taking advantage of the engine’s power.

Plus, it also shows once again how we so need another Dead Space game.
Dreams is set for release later this year.